OCTOBER 1ST - 2ND, 2019



Anders Malmberg Audell

Project Manager Future CAD & vPDM, Scania

Anders Malmberg will present why, what, when and how Scania run the Starling project. Starling will deliver functionality for Product Development, Production, Sales and Service. While functionality is important, Scania always have in mind the importance of Change Management (solution adoption), Migration, Integration and Co-Existence. Anders will provide an insight into the partnership with Dassault Systèmes and their interest in developing out-of-the-box solutions for critical Scania functionality within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Scania has also built a lot of its own solutions to support Modularization in the existing V5 platform.

See Anders at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 13:30: INDUSTRIAL PLM: Starling project – Implementation of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform at Scania


Arto Tolonen

Chief Development Officer, Lehto Group

Dr Arto Tolonen received both his MSc in Mechanical Engineering (1992) and Dr in Industrial Engineering and Management (2016)  from the University of Oulu, Finland. He has over 20 years of experience in R&D, SCM and Product Management processes in global companies. Currently, he is the Chief Development Officer at Lehto Group.

Lehto is a fast growing construction and real estate group, operating in three service areas: Business Premises, Housing and Social Care and Educational Premises. Lehto is an innovator and pioneer of the construction sector. Their economically driven operating model makes construction more profitable, ensures the quality of construction and brings significant time and cost savings to the customer. 

See Arto at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 09:15: Main stage: Industrialization of the construction industry leveraging PLM


Chris van Oijen

Manager Workflow Information Systems, Vanderlande

Chris has been with Vanderlande for 15 years, coming from the R&D department and moving into his current role as Workflow Information Systems Manager, managing a team of dedicated IT professionals. For the past few years, Chris has been working on implementing the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform within 21 sites around the globe. Currently Chris is leading the VIPE Project within Vanderlande and the related business transformation. At the PLM Innovation Forum he will present the Vanderlande PLM journey to drive innovation in a global, demanding material handling business.

See Chris at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 11:30: Main stage: How the Vanderlande Integrated PLM Experience (VIPE) handles over 11.5 million pieces of luggage per day


Dolf Broekaart

Sales Director Simulation, TECHNIA/SIMULEON

Dolf has 11 years of experience of guiding customers to the right simulation solutions, and has been with TECHNIA/SIMULEON since 2012. 

Using entry level simulation across engineering departments has already shown its benefits for multiple businesses for many years. As entry level simulation isn’t the final destination, these benefits can even be more improved by carefully extending the scope of analysis carried out with high-end Simulation.

Dolf will show you the potential benefits delivered with deploying high-end simulation for multiple businesses in various industries. Besides these benefits, some pitfalls will be discussed as well, and we’ll talk about how we are there to help you during that journey. And for those who are not interested in buying software, we will also discuss how to gain these advantages with the use of our Simulation Consultancy Services.

By attending this presentation, you will understand the potential of introducing High-End Simulation across your Engineering Department.

See Dolf at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 14:30: ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION: The value and examples of High-End Simulation for AEC and Civil Infrastructure


Oct 2nd, 16:15: INDUSTRIAL PLM: Gaining Advantage by Deploying High-End Simulation across your Engineering Department


Jonas Gejer


Jonas Gejer is the CEO of TECHNIA. With 30+ years of experience in PLM, CAD/CAM, Jonas boasts broad and international experience in introducing PLM to most industries.

See Jonas at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 09:00 Main stage: Welcome!


Katja Maria Bittmann

Director, Head of PLM, Arla Foods

Katja has been with Arla Foods for 12 years, primarily in marketing, managing various global teams. For the past years she has been working on improving and aligning the way Arla do Product Management and Product Lifecycle Management globally. Currently Katja is leading the Arla PLM program and the business transformation, and at the forum she will present their PLM journey to drive transparency and sustainable innovation in a global dairy business.

See Katja at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 09:45: Main stage: Arla Foods PLM journey to drive transparency and sustainable innovation in a global dairy business


Oct 2nd, 15:45: CONSUMER & RETAIL: Arla – the quest for making 1 billion pieces of packaging more sustainable


Lars Albinsson

Entrepreneur, Innovator & Transformer, Maestro Design and Management

Lars Albinsson's experience from digital innovation projects (Volvo, IKEA, Microsoft) and radical urban development projects (relocating mining cities and earth quake recovery) has given him loads of credit when it comes to questioning old truths and approaching situations from unexpected angles by combining fresh new ideas and technologies. Lars is now confident that the AEC industry is ready to take the leap to becoming more efficient and sustainable by using modern IT-tools supporting their daily operations.

See Lars at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 13:30: ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION: "There´s got to be a better way to do this"


Olivier Ribet

Executive Vice President, Dassault Systémes

Olivier Ribet joined Dassault Systèmes in 2013 and brought over 20 years of international experience in the software, high-tech and telecom markets. Olivier is now in charge of developing the Europe,
Middle East, Africa and Russia market and cross-industry corporate initiatives. Olivier spent over a decade at Microsoft,
where he held several senior management positions and was part of a team that was granted a patent for a method of extracting key terms in text mining. 

See Olivier at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 11:00: Main stage: Leaders in Business Sustainability


Palle Klærke

Senior IT Manager, PLM, Arla Foods

Palle joined Arla in 2017 after 20 years of leading large agile software delivery programs to the healthcare, defense and public sector. Bringing business and IT together, Palle and Katja Maria Brittmann are leading the agile PLM business transformation program in Arla introducing a new way of working based on 3DEXPERIENCE.

See Palle at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 09:45: Main stage: Arla Foods PLM journey to drive transparency and sustainable innovation in a global dairy business


Patrick Mays

Vice President Strategy, Dassault Systèmes

With over 30 years of AEC experience, Patrick Mays is part of the core team driving the CCT (Construction, Cities & Territories) industry strategy at Dassault Systèmes. Described as one of the most visionary and strategic IT thinkers in the industry, Patrick's passion for helping companies navigate the difficult process of changing their business models to match the evolving industry requirements is second to none. Patrick will share his experiences from the latest industry trends when it comes to both lean construction and lean manufacturing.

See Patrick at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 14:00: ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION: Beyond BIM - Redefining the future of construction industry


Rebecka Carlsson

Sustainability Entrepreneur, Heureka Ventures

Educated at Singularity University, NASA, a background as Political Advisor to Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister, official youth representative to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and named one of Swedens Top Future Female Leaders. Rebecka will share insights for business development about how companies can upgrade to new business models based on the new opportunities that comes with sustainability and exponential tech.

See Rebecka at PLMIF Oct 2nd, 12:00: Main stage: Exponential Tech in Sustainability


Zlatko Šimunec


Zlatko Šimunec, electrical engineer, established CADCAM Group 28 years ago as the answer to the customer’s needs in southeast Europe, Adriatic region, with focus on Mechatronic MCAD/ECAD solutions embedded in the whole PLM process. He has a lot of experience in consulting and implementation of Dassault Systèmes PLM solution with Mentor, Cadence and Altium ECAD software and combine this processes together. 

See Zlatko at PLMIF Oct 1st, 15:45:   DESIGN PROCESS OPTIMIZATION: Mechatronics Collaboration tool to gain productivity and time-to-market in electro-mechanical product design

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